Re: fc6 nearing eol but f7 not useable yet (rant or feedback?)

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Mike Wright wrote:
Granted, but having the "Properties" link on the icons was a very
convenient shortcut and provided a path for non-tech types to see what
goes on in the background.
Yep. The implementation has changed though but the interface can be
retained. Can be a enhancement request I guess but the menu editor is
easily accessed anyway. See below.
There is no reason IMHO the menu entry can't
be desciptive as long as there's some way to see the actual program name, whether in the icon's properties or on the app's face somewhere.
You can easily use the menu editor to find out
names without ever touching the command line FYI.
Sounds great.  What's the name of the menu editor?
Alacarte. Installed by default. Right click on the menu bar and click
"Edit Menus" or System => Preferences => Look and Feel => Main Menu.
When the menu comes up, click on particular entry, right click and click

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