Re: fc6 nearing eol but f7 not useable yet (rant or feedback?)

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Descriptive names are much better for non-technical users compared to a menu entry called "Pup". You can easily use the menu editor to find out names without ever touching the command line FYI.
Surely using the feature of .desktop files called 'GenericName' is much
better for this purpose, rather than abusing 'Name' which presents an
inconsistent naming style in the menus, then you can have the best of
both worlds. Worse still, is when descriptive names are ironically...
exactly the opposite. I have entry in my system menu called
"Configuration Editor", very useless and entirely uninformative to both
technical and non-technical users. For record I use KDE but assume the
issues are similar in Gnome.
Ian Chapman.

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