Re: fc6 nearing eol but f7 not useable yet (rant or feedback?)

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Mike Wright wrote:

[Snipped comment on Pup and toolbar. Feel free to search and request enhancements in bugzilla]
Second, where did the Applications->Run Program option go?
Alt+F2. Menu option is hidden by default in upstream GNOME.

Q: if it's really to be known as f7 why are the kernels named
"something.fc7"?  I think the decision to change the naming scheme
wasn't wise.  Google on f7 and you'll get lots of hits on the function
key but very little on fedora.
It is called "Fedora Collection" now. Renaming all packages makes
upgrades problematic.
Q: why was it decided to put marketing names on the applications and
remove their properties?  How are we supposed to help debug, etc, if the
program identities are hidden from us?  This decision forces users back
into CLI mode.  Kind of defeats the whole GUI approach, doesn't it?
Descriptive names are much better for non-technical users compared to a
menu entry called "Pup". You can easily use the menu editor to find out
names without ever touching the command line FYI.
Enough for now.  I have to figure out why I have two different versions
of dbus with mangled dependencies (which cause pup to bomb).  I'll also
take a look at KDE to see if I have better luck there.
# yum install yum-utils
# package-cleanup --dupes

or --problems can help.

I would be curious to hear from early adopters what their f(c)8
experiences have been like.
Been good for me.


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