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At 3:17 PM +0200 10/9/07, Jason Viloria wrote:
>I've written various webapps commercially and on delivering the finished
>product I ask the client to install tomcat and mysql connector/J. Does
>this mean the webapp I have delivered needs to be under GPL?. I have
>always assumed this was not the case since I am not exactly deriving any
>code from tomcat or mysql.
>So now after following this thread, I am now confused.

Work for hire that you deliver to the customer is not "published", so the
GPL does not require release of the source code (though the customer
probably expects you to deliver it to them).  If the customer then
distributes the program, that is "publication", and the GPL requires the
source code to be made available in a similar manner.  Assuming, of course,
that your work is a "derived work" according to the GPL.
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