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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> In most cases, the end user supplies his own copy of the library, which
> he obtained as a standard component of his OS distribtution, so I think
> the whole concept is on pretty shaky legal ground. But, I wouldn't want
> to be the one paying the court costs to sort it out.  And in the case of
> MySql there's not much reason to, since PostgresSQL is arguably a better
> database without any of the restrictions.  Even better, use ODBC, perl
> DBI, or a similar database independent interface and let the end user
> choose his own database so there can be no claim that you have created a
> derived work.

I should think the vast bulk of work "using" MySQL is protected from
this by being a PHP script or some other scripting language where SQL is
used as one language database binding amongst many.


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