Re: How to apply Apache directives to 'dynamic' HTML?

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At 10:08 PM +0100 10/9/07, Chris G wrote:
>I am using the default apache 2.2 configuration in Fedora 7 as server
>on my home Linux box.  It's all working much as I want but I have one
>issue that I can't find any really straightforward information about.
>How does one apply apache directives to web pages that are generated
>by a CGI script?
>I am running pyBlosxom (a python blog server) as a blog for personal
>notes, I want to set the default character set for only the blog pages
>to iso-8859-1 rather than the default utf-8.  How do I do this?
>If it was just simple HTML then I'd do something like:-
><Directory /the/directory/with/html/files>
>    AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1
>(I think!)  However I don't see how to apply this to files which are
>dynamically served by a CGI script, i.e. the URL is something like:-
>    http://my.home.system/cgi-bin/
>What (if anything) do I put in the <Directory ....>?

My first guess would be to try <Directory /cgi-bin/>, and my
second would be to try <Location...>.  Of course, as others have said, the
script can do it itself.
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