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Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I agree that bugzilla should work but it has never worked for me. I
> file bugzillas and nothing much happens. By the time we get through
> all the requests for further info a new distribution is out and it
> makes no difference.

Perhaps it doesn't end with an updated package for the version you
reported the problem in, but it often means that the bug is fixed so
future version won't have the same problem.  That is making a
difference and anything you do to help that process is surely
appreciated by many users and maintainers (even if many of the users
never notice the fixes to bugs they never had the joy of stumbling
upon :).

> I will admit some bugzilla reports are resolved but I have never
> been that lucky.

You must not have been clicking your heels the proper amount of times
then.  You do click your heels when you report a bug, don't you?  ;-)

> I will go further and explain in what situation it is useless to
> bugzilla. When you problem is more or less unique to your system. If
> a large fraction on users are having the same problem that your
> chances of getting an answer are better.

Yes, it's very difficult for an maintainer or developer to fix a bug
that they cannot reproduce.  There's nothing specific about bugzilla
in that problem.  It'd be just as difficult of the bug reports went to
a mailing list. :)

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