Re: F6C800-UNV Belkin UPS?

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George N. White III wrote:
On Sat, 11 Aug 2007, Bob Goodwin wrote:

I took the cover off and checked, it was up to 26.9 volts and dropped back to 24.6 after a bit connected to a 21" tv/cctv deal I have to help the feeble of eye read text. It's good, and I found an item in the configuration I could set to make it ignore the [false] low battery charge.
It would not be surprising that APC doesn't interprete Belkin information

I want to try "nut" also and see if it works any better.
I have the same model.  It works with either the "belkinunv" driver
or the "newhidups" driver.

Fedora 7 has nut version 2.0.5. The newhidups driver in nut claims to support some Belkin models, but when you check the compatibility list you find it is for version 2.2 and supports the Belkin F6C800-UNV with the usbhid-ups driver.
I've had no luck with the Belkin software [Bulldog-Linux_v3.01.18.tar] either from the CD or what appears to be a later version I downloaded.
When I install it it asks for a password and to verify that password but
when I try to log in to the "monitor" application it keeps telling me
the password is in error? I've removed and reinstalled with the same
result. So it seems I can't configure it?
The "apcupsd" software works with no trouble but is not completely
functional, although the result is usable. I can live with it if I must ...
I haven't been able to get "nut" to do anything probably because I am
doing something wrong, the user information is not too good. I see that
Tripp Lite also has similar software but it looks like you would have to
buy it and hope it worked for you.
The truth is I've been getting good results with simple UPS's for a
several years, simply shutting down when they begin to beep, I probably
don't need the automatic features but it would be nice to have in the
event I was sleeping or away from the computer during an outage.
Bob Goodwin

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