Re: No GUI--only console and xclock.

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Rohan Kulkarni wrote:
> Hello,
>          My Fedora 7 is not giving a GUI.I just get a terminal and an
> xclock.While installation i had selected the KDE desktop.On clicking on
> the desktop i get a list which says
> Iconify
> Resize
> move
> Raise
> Lower
> Xterm
> Delete
> etc....
> I have an LG 1515S TFT monitor,NVIDIA Geforce 7300GT Graphics card,AMD
> Athlon 64 3000+ processor,160GB SATA hard disk,1GB RAM and MSI-MS7191
> motherboard.
> I have set the resolution to 1024*768 and both my monitor and graphics
> card have been detected properly.What can be the problem?How can I solve
> it.I have attached the xorg.conf file
This does not sound like an Xorg problem. It may be a display
manager problem, or a desktop problem, depending on exactly what is
going on. When you boot, do you get a loging screen, and then get
the xterm when you log in, or do you go directly to the xterm? You
may also want to look at /var/lob/Xorg.0.log and /var/log/messages
to see what errors are being reported.


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