Re: problem while sending gpg key to mit key server

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On 7/15/07, James Kaufman <jmk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sun, Jul 15, 2007 at 12:29:49AM +0600, Mustafa Qasim wrote:
> Hello! All folks there. I need some help in completing my joining process. I
> am stuck at the "Sending gpg key to mit key server" point. I am starting the
> story from start because this time I am including some other group's address
> in TO field.
> I studied the Joining Check list page and perform the tasks given there.
> 1)Introduced my self a couple of days ago.
> 2) Created the ssh key
> 3) Created the gpg key
> (Take a backup of both ~/.ssh and ~/.gnupg directories)
> 4) Created the Bugzilla account
> 5) Tried to sent the gpg key to mit server thjrough the command given in the
> Check list
> gpg --keyserver --send-keys GPGKEYID
> But at this stage it gives connection time out error. I went to
> through firefox and read that we can also submit the key
> by pasting the ASCII of our key on their page. But i couldn't extract
> the ASCII by the export command
> gpg --export --armor alajal@xxxxxxxxx > mykey.txt
> it returns
> gpg: WARNING: nothing exported
> So please help me to get out of this problem.
> --
> Mustafa Qasim
> Lahore, Pakistan
> Cell: 0321-6614972
> URL:

Are you able to do this command:

gpg --list-keys alajal

and see a result? If not, try:

gpg --list-keys | less

and look for your key.

It sounds like your key wasn't created or stored properly.

Jim Kaufman
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of course keys are properly created check out the output
#gpg --list-keys
pub  1024D/E35924AA 2007-07-14 Mustafa Qasim (Mustafa Fedora Project Member) <alajal@xxxxxxxxx>
sub  1024g/A5154F46 2007-07-14 [expires: 2008-07-13]

Mustafa Qasim
Lahore, Pakistan
Cell: 0321-6614972

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