Re: F7 Xawtv asking for / passwd to run v4l-conf everytime it's started. [Resolved]

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On Thursday 12 July 2007 20:10, Nigel Henry wrote:
> This is the second of my 2 problems.
> Everytime I click on the Xawtv icon on the desktop I get a query box
> opening, which says.
> "You are attempting to run "v4l-conf" which requires administrative
> privileges, but more information is needed in order to do so"
> It wants root's password, but if I enter roots password, or just click on
> "cancel" Xawtv still starts either way.
> I havn't had this problem with Xawtv on earlier versions of Fedora, or
> Debian. Normally IIRC, the first time you run Xawtv nothing happens for a
> bit, then a Konsole opens and does some stuff for v4l, then you close the
> Konsole and Xawtv starts.

> According to /usr/bin , v4l-conf is pointing to consolehelper, and
> according to the man page for consolehelper, this might have something to
> do with PAM, and authentication.
> I've never had to mess with PAM before, so have no idea as what needs to be
> changed to stop this popup box asking for the root passwd each time I start
> Xawtv.
> I looked in /etc/pam/v4l-conf. There are only 4 lines as below, and have no
> idea what to change here so as to stop this box popping up each time I
> start Xawtv.
> #%PAM-1.0
> auth  include  config-util
> account  include  config-util
> session  include  config-util
> Apologies if I seem to be a bit frustrated with this problem, but if anyone
> has seen the same sort of thing with Xawtv on Fedora 7. I'd be gratefull
> for a fix.
> Nigel.

Apologies for replying to my own post, but I've fixed the problem.

Having spent most of the day on and off in trying to fix this problem, I have 
booted up FC5, and borrowed the lines from /etc/pam.d/v4l.conf, then pasted 
them into Fedora 7's /etc/pam.d's v4l.conf. See  below.

#auth  include  config-util      (commented out)
#account  include  config-util    (commented out)
#session  include  config-util      (commented out)

auth       sufficient
auth       required
#auth       required service=system-auth
account    required
session    required
session    optional

The 3 commented out lines are the original ones.

Now when I start Xawtv, it just starts as it should do.

I've no idea if this is a bug, or may be something to do with the fact that 
for the first time on a Linux install, I've left selinux enabled as 

I did read a bunch of selinux stuff a while back, but the further I went into 
it, the more over my head it went, and eventually gave up, which is probably 
the reason why I disabled it on all my installs apart from this Fedora 7 one.

I have installed a couple of 3rd party apps, RealPlayer, and Opera, and 
SeLinux hasn't complained about them.

So far so good. It's taken a bit of time working through the problems, but up 
to now all is working ok.


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