F7 Xawtv asking for / passwd to run v4l-conf everytime it's started.

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This is the second of my 2 problems.

Everytime I click on the Xawtv icon on the desktop I get a query box opening, 
which says.

"You are attempting to run "v4l-conf" which requires administrative 
privileges, but more information is needed in order to do so"

It wants root's password, but if I enter roots password, or just click on 
"cancel" Xawtv still starts either way.

I havn't had this problem with Xawtv on earlier versions of Fedora, or Debian. 
Normally IIRC, the first time you run Xawtv nothing happens for a bit, then a 
Konsole opens and does some stuff for v4l, then you close the Konsole and 
Xawtv starts.

Next I close Xawtv, and open a Konsole, type v4l-conf, and a GUI opens asking 
for roots password. I give it, v4l-conf writes about 4 lines, and is done. 
Close the console, restart Xawtv, and again am being asked for roots password 
to run v4l-conf before Xawtv will start.

I then rename ~/.xawtv, then using synaptic remove Xawtv, and all files 
associated with it. Reinstall it, but the problem stated above is still 

According to /usr/bin , v4l-conf is pointing to consolehelper, and according 
to the man page for consolehelper, this might have something to do with PAM, 
and authentication.

I've never had to mess with PAM before, so have no idea as what needs to be 
changed to stop this popup box asking for the root passwd each time I start 

I looked in /etc/pam/v4l-conf. There are only 4 lines as below, and have no 
idea what to change here so as to stop this box popping up each time I start 

auth  include  config-util
account  include  config-util
session  include  config-util

Apologies if I seem to be a bit frustrated with this problem, but if anyone 
has seen the same sort of thing with Xawtv on Fedora 7. I'd be gratefull for 
a fix.


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