Re: 40GB Maxtor III in usb doesn't work on FC6, any kernel

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On Friday 06 July 2007, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Greetings;
>> I have a 40GB Maxtor III in one of those usb enclosures with a dual usb
>> pigtail cable.  Plugged into my F7 HP dv5120us lappy, it lights up powers
>> up and works albeit I think considerably slower than a usb2.0 interface
>> should. This is a usb bus powered device and did not come with a power
>> supply although there is a socket for one on the rear of the shirt pocket
>> sized enclosure.
>> Plugged into this FC6 box, a Biostar m7vib with 1 update from the original
>> bios, this box will not post until its unplugged, at which point it posts
>> normally.
>> Plugged in later, the drive is recognized according to the logs, but is
>> then reset quite a few times and finally offlined, and while its power led
>> lights at normal brightness, it never spins up so is unusable.
>> The F7 lappy uses libata.  How do I switch this FC6 install to libata
>> usage, and how would I go about switching the kernel build to make it
>> since my kernels are not even making it?
>> I do note that libata.ko does exist in the /lib/modules path for the 3
>> fedora kernels installed, but booting to one of those kernels does not
>> enable the use of this device.  I'm thinking its a bios problem.  Can
>> anyone confirm?
>> Thanks
>Because the system will not POST, as well as way it is acting when
>you plug it into the FC6 box, I think your problem is that the USB
>connection on the FC6 box is not providing enough power to run the
>drive. You can try hooking it up to a powered USB HUB and see if
>that helps. You can also try plugging in both pigtails, so that you
>are drawing power from 2 USB sockets, but that may not help if they
>are off the same hub, because you may be hitting the total hub power
>limit. The thing to keep in mind is that not all hubs have the same
>amount of power available, and bus powered drives can draw more
>power then the hub has available. You can look at  the drive's
>reported power requirements by looking at /proc/bus/usb/devices or
>running "lsusb -v" if you have it installed. I am not sure how to
>get the hub's power ratings under Linux.

Thanks to all who have replied.  I did try using both cables, but due to the 
physical layout, both were plugged into the same hub, and failed.  Find a psu 
I guess.

Cheers, Gene
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