Re: 40GB Maxtor III in usb doesn't work on FC6, any kernel

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On Fri July 6 2007 12:51:28 Gene Heskett wrote:
> I do note that libata.ko does exist in the /lib/modules path
> for the 3 fedora kernels installed, but booting to one of
> those kernels does not enable the use of this device.  I'm
> thinking its a bios problem.  Can anyone confirm?

Gene: I can't confirm your specific situation, but, I can confirm 
that I have a graveyard of such devices around here. They are 
notoriously finicky (if you google around you'll see). My best 
success has been with the devices that have separate power, or 
dual USB cables, one for data, and one for power; also, be aware 
that the cables themselves can be extremely problematic and some 
can't handle the extra power for some reason (I've determined 
that by simple A/B swapping); and, the hub you plug them into 
can be an issue - this all revolves around tiny differences 
between regular and high-power USB circuits and components - I 
have powered hubs from Targus, which weren't so cheap, that will 
overload the connection (the LED goes out) as soon as I plug one 
of those self-powering drives in; I have cheapie 7-port hubs 
from StarTech that never fail. The cheapie cases from Sabrent 
are really bad. I've had several LaCie's go bad - they just 
start connecting erratically at some point, and then, won't 
connect at all; well, I could go on and on, but, I would suggest 
you don't assume there's a problem with Fedora necessarily, if 
you can't get it to work. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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