Re: 40GB Maxtor III in usb doesn't work on FC6, any kernel

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Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings;
> I have a 40GB Maxtor III in one of those usb enclosures with a dual usb 
> pigtail cable.  Plugged into my F7 HP dv5120us lappy, it lights up powers up 
> and works albeit I think considerably slower than a usb2.0 interface should.  
> This is a usb bus powered device and did not come with a power supply 
> although there is a socket for one on the rear of the shirt pocket sized 
> enclosure.
> Plugged into this FC6 box, a Biostar m7vib with 1 update from the original 
> bios, this box will not post until its unplugged, at which point it posts 
> normally.
> Plugged in later, the drive is recognized according to the logs, but is then 
> reset quite a few times and finally offlined, and while its power led lights 
> at normal brightness, it never spins up so is unusable.
> The F7 lappy uses libata.  How do I switch this FC6 install to libata usage, 
> and how would I go about switching the kernel build to make it since my 
> kernels are not even making it?
> I do note that libata.ko does exist in the /lib/modules path for the 3 fedora 
> kernels installed, but booting to one of those kernels does not enable the 
> use of this device.  I'm thinking its a bios problem.  Can anyone confirm?
> Thanks
Because the system will not POST, as well as way it is acting when
you plug it into the FC6 box, I think your problem is that the USB
connection on the FC6 box is not providing enough power to run the
drive. You can try hooking it up to a powered USB HUB and see if
that helps. You can also try plugging in both pigtails, so that you
are drawing power from 2 USB sockets, but that may not help if they
are off the same hub, because you may be hitting the total hub power
limit. The thing to keep in mind is that not all hubs have the same
amount of power available, and bus powered drives can draw more
power then the hub has available. You can look at  the drive's
reported power requirements by looking at /proc/bus/usb/devices or
running "lsusb -v" if you have it installed. I am not sure how to
get the hub's power ratings under Linux.


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