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Tim wrote:
On Wed, 2007-07-04 at 09:46 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
I call bs on that! For all the other fawncy file managers they've tried to paint a decent face on over the last 5 years, not one of them can even begin to compare with mc. Sure, the current Krusader is pretty, but it can't do 90% of what mc can. When it can, then talk about dropping mc, and not a millisecond before.
Hmm, it's so 1980s...  I find it awful, even worse than the GUI file
browsers I've seen on Linux.  Yes, browsers, not managers.  I've yet to
see one that has the features needed to earn that title.

If only there was a DOpus 5 for Linux.  That's a file manager.

It is a shell as well as a means to ftp files, change file permissions and more. Also you do not need a GUI to have a method for visual file manipulation and launching files with the appropriate application when you click on it. Being so 1980s does not say that it is no longer functional. Now nano might be from prehistoric times. :-)

When Microsoft comes up with the wrong answer, it sticks to that solution.

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