Re: Booting F7 Installation DVD

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Dave Cross wrote:
On 6/30/07, Karl Larsen <[email protected]> wrote:
Dave Cross wrote:
> I have a Philips Freevents X51 laptop and I'm having real problems
> getting the F7 installation DVD to boot.
> It boots to the initial screen, where you press "enter" to start the.
> installation, but at that point it seems that the keyboard is
> unrecognised. Pressing any key has no effect at all.

I had this problem back when first trying to install Linux (Severn, not sure which beta).

The problem was due to a USB legacy setting which was set active. USB legacy mode locked up my laptop like you are referring to. I'm not sure if your BIOS would refer to it as USB legacy or USB keyboard. Anyway, having it set caused the laptop keyboard to not function.


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