Re: FC6 + fglrx + xgl + dualhead + 2 desktops problem

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ArcosCom Linux User wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I had installed xgl and appears to be working.
> Now the problem is that on the right screen don't load the desktop, I can
> only view a black screen and the mouse cursor appears as a "X" over that
> screen.
> I can play with beryl on the laptop flat fine (1600x1050 with 24bpp), but
> not with the external LCD (1280x1024 with 24bpp). The right screen
> (external LCD) works fine witout XGL, and appears to work fine with Xgl,
> but the secondary desktop is not loaded into the secondary screen.
> With "ps aux" I can see 2 Xorg process and only one Xgl process.
> Perhaps I need to make modifications into any gdm configuration files?
> What files I have to modify? How?
> Perhaps I need to make modifications into xorg.conf to adapt it for Xgl use?
> Please, I need help about this.
> I think my xorg.conf file is fine, it allow me to play fine with 2
> desktops (1 desktop per screen) without Xgl and with fglrx and/or nvidia
> drivers, and I can play fine (with the same xorg.conf file) with beryl
> only in the other screen only can see the mouse cursor as an "X".
> I think (as I can see in ubuntu forums) that I need to modify any gdm
> files to force to load 2 Xgl servers, but I don't know how to do that.
> Any help?

First, tell us the brand and model of laptop as well as the video hardware
used.  I've seen quite a few laptops where the external port did not have
the same specs as the internal port.

If your laptop has the ability, normally a Fn key, to drive only the
external port, then I would first play with only driving that port.

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