Re: Booting F7 Installation DVD

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Around 08:53pm on Saturday, June 30, 2007 (UK time), Karl Larsen scrawled:

> Hi Dave, well your saying it is stopping before you see a pointer on 
> your screen. That makes me think now that the loader thinks you have too 
> little RAM to load in the usual way. You have few choices then. I think 
> if FC6 loaded fine your better to get that back running.

Have you any evidence for these statements.  Although I have yet to load
FC7 onto some of my older machines, when I have installed earlier
versions I have alwasy managed find with a non-GUI installation.

I would also think that recomending FC6 as better is not a good solution
- it will eventiually become unsecure as it becomes out of date.  BEtter
to work on solving any problems in FC7, that being forced to revert to
older versions.  Are you sure you are not just saying this becasue of
your sound card problems?


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