FC6 + fglrx + xgl + dualhead + 2 desktops problem

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Hi guys,

I had installed xgl and appears to be working.

Now the problem is that on the right screen don't load the desktop, I can
only view a black screen and the mouse cursor appears as a "X" over that

I can play with beryl on the laptop flat fine (1600x1050 with 24bpp), but
not with the external LCD (1280x1024 with 24bpp). The right screen
(external LCD) works fine witout XGL, and appears to work fine with Xgl,
but the secondary desktop is not loaded into the secondary screen.

With "ps aux" I can see 2 Xorg process and only one Xgl process.

Perhaps I need to make modifications into any gdm configuration files?
What files I have to modify? How?

Perhaps I need to make modifications into xorg.conf to adapt it for Xgl use?

Please, I need help about this.

I think my xorg.conf file is fine, it allow me to play fine with 2
desktops (1 desktop per screen) without Xgl and with fglrx and/or nvidia
drivers, and I can play fine (with the same xorg.conf file) with beryl
only in the other screen only can see the mouse cursor as an "X".

I think (as I can see in ubuntu forums) that I need to modify any gdm
files to force to load 2 Xgl servers, but I don't know how to do that.

Any help?


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