Re: Updates - evolution issue with your David's messages

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On Fri, 2007-06-15 at 19:39 +0930, Tim wrote:
> I'm sure this is an Evolution issue, I'll have to switch
> boxes to try a different version.

Okay, I've switched over to another box, and an older Evolution doesn't
exhibit this issue.  It makes no attempt at handling an in-line PGP
signature, and that may be the root cause.  That appears to be a new
Evolution feature, and they don't appear to have got it right.

Though in-line PGPing is not really the best way to go about doing it
(clients have to play silly games with the message content; MIME was
developed to avoid in-line games, many years ago; and it can only sign
the text, not the attachments).

(This PC runs FC4, my others FC5 & FC6, in case that's important
 to the thread)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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