Sony Vaio VGN C Series (VGN C2M/W)

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Ian Malone wrote:
On 07/06/07, D. Hugh Redelmeier <[email protected]> wrote:

Instead I've gone for a Vaio C series (this particular one was fairly
cheap compared to what Sony machines normally cost).  These
are 13.3" wide-screens which seems a nice size.  If I could have
had a look at the Lenovo 3000 in a shop I might have bought it
(limited choice of bricks and mortar shops around here; see
below), but I found most of the 15.4" machines I did look at quite

I've documented what I had to do to get Ubuntu going.  F7 should be

Excellent, I plan to do this same (though I'm keeping my
fingers crossed it will work with no problems).

I have to admit to being completely shocked.  I had done my
groundwork and concluded:
1. 915resolution would be needed to get the correct widescreen
2. Fedora would need me to download the Intel 3945 firmware to
   get wireless working (the number is off the top of my head.
3. Sound might require some tweaking.

Because of 2. I had an Ubuntu CD (Feisty) ready too, and booted
from that first.  Sound, wireless and resolution were fine
straight off, the only exception I wasn't able to get their
GUI tool to connect to a WAP that wasn't broadcasting SSID.
There is a nice toolbar icon which tells you you're using a
proprietary driver for the wireless.

I then tried the F7 live CD.  Everything worked here too
(except for wakeup from suspend, but including Compiz).
Very impressed, thanks to the Fedora 7 team for doing such
a nice job (and it looks fantastic).

This laptop has the manufacturer's recovery partition which
seems to be standard these days.  It also has a utility
which lets you burn recovery DVDs: once you have these you
can dispense with the recovery partition and format the whole
drive.  My install recipe is going to be to do just that,
and have Windows, Fedora and shared data partitions.
Shared data will probably be NTFS since I've never been
convinced it's a great idea to let Windows access ext.
(Not sure if it will be possible to recover the recovery
partition using the discs, can see how it could be done

Of the external interfaces have only checked USB so far
(including haven't had to use the LAN port).

Current score:
USB key recognised
Fails to wake from suspend

Windows Vista:
Needs to connect to the internet to install USB key support
Wakes from suspend


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