Re: Having an Evolution and Mail notification Problem?

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Ric Moore wrote:

> Great Minds! That's exactly what I thought. Now I have to figure out how
> to import my evolution mail box and folders to Thunderbird. Wondering if
> just a copy would do it?? Couldn't get import to cut it and couldn't
> find an extension that would. I've got a pile of emails stored that I
> would rather keep.

I use IMAP and not POP so I never have that issue.

Rather than trying to convert from evolution to T-bird format I would simply
get an IMAP server up and running and upload my evolution emails/folders on
the server and then down to T-bird.  If you want to continue to use POP you

> I just linked /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird to /usr/bin/thunderbird and
> it fires up like a champ. Thanks again, Ed. 

I like the way ONLY their mouths move...  They look like DYING OYSTERS

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