Re: Minimalist Installs (was Checkbox for "Install Everything")

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On Mon, 2007-05-21 at 00:30 -0400, Eric wrote:

> Eric <trying VERY hard to resist the temptation to ask
>          WHY these installations always default to Gnome
>          and not KDE...>
It's better not to ask, you won't like the answer. Not to start a war
here, but I really do not personally like Gnome. Never have, probably
never will. But, I do like having them both installed for the rare
occasion when something in KDE blows up. Then I can login to Gnome. From
what I understand that if both are installed then you can run apps from
either camp. That's what I do with KDE and it has a menu for Gnome
applications. As was mentioned, harddrive space is fairly cheap, so why
not just install both? 

The thing I have against relying on yum to install what's missing is
that it takes forever on a slow DSL and would be a crawl over a modem.
I'd rather have it pulling from the CD / Dvd any day of the week and be
done with it, from the get-go. Ric


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