Re: Please Lawd! Not again!! <falls down weeping> xine broken all over again

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On Wednesday 11 April 2007, Rex Dieter wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Tuesday 10 April 2007, Ric Moore wrote:
> >> I get this again (same ole same ole)
> >
> > I know the feeling, Ric.  Xine gave up on me a few weeks ago - without
> > warning.  It just refused to play my disks.
> You have reported these bugs/problems at
> against Fedora Extras/xine-lib right? :)
No, I haven't Rex.  I never know what to do when a problem concerns 
third-party software.  I suspect that the problem was caused by a fedora 
update conflicting with something from the livna packages, but there's no way 
I can identify the problem, as the only packages I could see that may be 
related had been updated several days before I found the problem.  Even 
worse, I have certain packages from livna, others from freshrpms and others 
from atrpms.  I've tried to be careful about discrete separation of function, 
and everything was working at one time, so must have succeeded to a degree.  
All the same, I don't think I could file a really good report, which is 
what's needed.  A bad bug report is worse than useless.  

<sigh> If only all the third-party stuff was in one repository or at least 
that they worked together, it would remove a good deal of frustration for all 
when trying to sort out problems.  Still, "heaven can wait" :-)


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