Re: Fedora/RH policies sometimes suck

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Alan Cox wrote:
No-one is answering the question. Forget the OpenOffice fixation. The question is 'How do we know which of Fedora's packages have been altered in this way?' OpenOffice would be one, but there are others. Totem comes to mind, and I'd guess that there are lots more. As Les remarked, it could be indicated in the package name.

rpm -q --changelog

can tell you an awful lot about a package

As for how it would help, we could then decide for ourselves whether we need to go to the source and build our own packages.

If you are a non-US citizen yes. Otherwise knowing merely makes you
liable for triple damages and other penalties...

How would knowing that the thing named java in fedora isn't really java make you liable for anything? Or do you think that downloading the real thing that Sun distributes freely puts you in enough jeopardy to justify the bizarre contortions you have to do to make it work? The same applies to the drivers like Nvidia's that the owners would like to have distributed but it is RH/fedora's choice not to.

  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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