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Peter Lauri wrote:

Is there anyone here who has enforced usage of Fedora on your staff’s computers where the staff has pretty low computer experience etc. I assume I just need to give them time to get used to it.

You should take control of the introduction action because first impressions matter. If they stumble at the beginning because they are not immediately supported, that will form their impression and enable blaming the change. Instead figure out the top actions they perform on the computer and take them through how to do those actions "the new way", with them at the keyboard and mouse and you giving advice. Make sure they are confident how to start their apps and do the basics and tell them to ask about anything that doesn't work how they are used to. If they had customized the background on their old box, make sure to show them how to do it the new way so they can feel in control.

Would you recommend them to use GNOME or KDE?


What is the main concern about a Windows -> Fedora transform for “normal” people? My feeling is that most people using Fedora are of higher computer experience.

What I found is that much of computer use has migrated into peoples' browsers, so their OS matters less than it did a year or two ago and their browser compatability matters more. So installing Flash so Firefox or Konqueror can use it solves large and important areas of their computer use in one quick and well-supported step.

Would you let your mum use Fedora instead of and Win XP machine? (assume that you installed it properly for her).

Yes. But first I make sure the person in question doesn't use apps that Fedora or Linux in general won't do a certain good job on

 - 3D games:  Cedega doen't help with everything

 - websites that might insist on Exploder or worse ActiveX nonsense

 - media using nasty codecs

 - specialized apps that won't work under Wine (VMware will sort it)

If you know that is straight and you can admin the box in an ongoing fashion, go for it. The savings on Office alone if you have that at the moment will easily pay for the changeover hassle. Plus if the BSA or whatever the Mafia are called in your locale bang on the door, you can show them that the GPL is all the licensing you need.


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