Re: bugzilla fubar?

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On Thursday 15 March 2007, David Boles wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> This is getting old, damnedably old.
>> Attempting to login to bugzilla this morning, using the firefox
>> remembered login and password, I'm greeted by, once again, an invalid
>> password refusal.  Just another in the very long line of bugzilla
>> roadblocks that I as a user, see as being designed only to prevent the
>> filing of bugs so that the stats can look like everything is fixed in
>> 4 hours.
>> I have been forced to make a new account, or change my password by
>> hitting the forgot button every time I want access to this database
>> for any reason over the last 3 years if its been more than say 30 days
>> since I was last trolling through it.
>> So what IS the lifetime of a bugzilla password?
>Look in your Firefox Passwords. If you have *two*, or more, passwords
> for bugzilla Firefox will use the first one it finds in the Passwords
> list. Which, in your case, might be the wrong one(s). Delete the wrong
> one(s).

I just looked, and there is only one, and it has to be the most recent as 
when displayed in the clear, I know didn't start using one portion of the 
phrase until about a month ago.

But I've requested Yet Another Password Change Token, or a YAPCT :)

But having to do this everytime is most certainly a PITA.  I'll reset it 
to the same as it was just for grins.  And I'm going to write the date 
and phrase on the wall just to see how long its valid THIS time.

Cheers, Gene
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