Re: bugzilla fubar?

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Gene Heskett wrote:
> This is getting old, damnedably old.
> Attempting to login to bugzilla this morning, using the firefox remembered 
> login and password, I'm greeted by, once again, an invalid password 
> refusal.  Just another in the very long line of bugzilla roadblocks that 
> I as a user, see as being designed only to prevent the filing of bugs so 
> that the stats can look like everything is fixed in 4 hours.
> I have been forced to make a new account, or change my password by hitting 
> the forgot button every time I want access to this database for any 
> reason over the last 3 years if its been more than say 30 days since I 
> was last trolling through it.
> So what IS the lifetime of a bugzilla password?

Look in your Firefox Passwords. If you have *two*, or more, passwords for
bugzilla Firefox will use the first one it finds in the Passwords list.
Which, in your case, might be the wrong one(s). Delete the wrong one(s).



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