Re: wierd zd1211rw wireless adapter problem

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Philip Walden wrote:
Philip Walden wrote:
I have a Airlink AWLL3026 using the zd1211rw driver. I am using WEP with a hex key and dhcp client to get a IP number. I can see the device initializing and connecting to eth1 using dmesg.
I am not using NetworkManager, just the System>Administration>Network
For the life of me I cannot get this adapter to connect and get an IP
number on system start or by itself. In fact the only incantation
that seems to work is to :
1. deactivate the wireless eth1
2. connect and activate the wired lan eth0 to get an IP number
3. deactivate the wired eth0
4. activate eth1 which then says dhcp client is already busy, but now I have an active working wireless connection???!!
So this tells me that the WEP is correctly set up, but the dchp
request is not working with the wireless eth1.
Any ideas?
Well after much fiddling, I was unable to get a reliable activation of eth1.
So I switched to NetworkManager, as I had not had much luck with it in
FC5 with a different wireless card and had stopped using.
Well again after some fiddling, NetworkManager seems to connect
reliably on login. It is annoying that it asks for the keyring
password just after entering the login password. A rudimentary attempt
to stop it doing this by editing the /etc/pam.d/gdm file were
unsuccessful. Oh well it is good enough for now.
I have noticed that if I lose my connection and try a reconnect, it always fails unless I unplug the USB adapter and re-insert it. After wards it always reconnects. Thus it may be an initialization problem with the zd1211rw driver, itself.

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