Re: How to stop Calc from auto Caps in cell?

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On Saturday 10 March 2007, Chris Mohler wrote:
> On 3/10/07, [email protected] 
<[email protected]> wrote:
> > On Friday 09 March 2007, Sebastian Gurovich wrote:
> > > use ' before the letter
> > > eg :
> > > 's ---------------> s
> >
> > Thanks for the tip that works great until you edit the
> > cell and then you are right back where you started.
> Tools -> Auto Correct -> Options
> Google is your friend.
> Chris

Thank You!

I would never have thought to click on Auto Correct because 
it gives no indication that it will bring up any kind of 
configuration dialog.

Did you find that using google?  If you did what did you 
type for the search?  I tried google but came up empty.  I 
also went to the OOo site and got nothing.

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