Re: accessing shell when gnome locks up.

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Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>>> What are you going to do when serial ports disappear from motherboards?
>> Or, as a last resort, get a usb->serial port converter.
> I was serious in asking it.  While I haven't done the serial console
> trick, I see the purpose of it, and the need to be able to do such
> things.  I don't know if a USB-serial doodah would be useful in the
> situations where you might use a serial console, you mightn't have
> anything available to drive it.
For desktops, you can get a PCI card with serial ports. I have a 2
serial/1 parallel card that works great. They also make
PCMCIA/Cardbus serial cards, but they tend to be hard to find, and
expensive. If you go the USB to serial route, just remember that the
cheap ones don't usually support the status lines, so you have to
use software flow control, not hardware flow control. Also, some
devices will not work properly without properly functioning hardware
flow control. (Windows CE devices for example.)


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