Re: accessing shell when gnome locks up.

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On Tuesday 27 February 2007 5:54:52 am Tim wrote:
> Tim:
> >>> What are you going to do when serial ports disappear from motherboards?
> Chris Mohler:
> >> Weep!
> Andras Simon:
> > No! Curse! Much more efficient! :-)
> >
> > Or, as a last resort, get a usb->serial port converter.
> >
> > BTW, I'm only advocating this approach, not using it myself. I don't
> > remember having a lockup since I last tried to use NVidia's driver.
> > But then I'm not using Gnome or KDE, just a trusty old fvwm (1.24r).
> I was serious in asking it.  While I haven't done the serial console
> trick, I see the purpose of it, and the need to be able to do such
> things.  I don't know if a USB-serial doodah would be useful in the
> situations where you might use a serial console, you mightn't have
> anything available to drive it.

I once used a NetMOS PCI card that provided four additional serial ports so 
that I could access both a modem and a UPS on a motherboard with only one 
serial port. Cheap and effective. (It's no longer in use, however -- my new 
UPS has a USB interface, and I moved from dialup to cable.)
-- cmg

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