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At 01:01 23/02/2007, you wrote:

Tim wrote:

If everyone has that attidude, things are likely to stay that way. I'd much
rather see people pushing Ogg and including links to download players and
plugins similar to the ones for Adobe's products, than try to get (nonfree)
licensed copies into all of the base distributions.
I'd like that, too.  But it's hamstrung by a few factors:
People with personal/portable playback hardware, that they want to keep,
that won't play ogg.  So they'll get all their music in one format that
works on everything that they have.
Publishers not wanting to supply files without DRM.  And, no, I don't
want ogg to support that crap.
If Lucent goes crazy suing all the people who though they had
licensed MP3 technology, ogg might catch on real fast.

  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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I think another problem we have is that MP3 has become one of those
"generic" or whatever the name is, abused terms. It's like a vacuum
cleaner being called a Hoover when it's actually a Dyson, or a four
wheel drive vehicle being referred to as a Jeep when clearly it's a Land Rover.
It's the same problem with audio compression. I bought my wife a
flash music player for Christmas, and I've still not managed to train
her to say "Ogg Vorbis" instead of MP3. Even though it's never had an
MP3 file loaded onto it.
BTW there is package available that makes Ogg files play on Windows
Media Player:-

which I suppose is a bit like encouraging folks to install the XP version of Open Office to hopefully get them to make the jump over to Linux sometime.
Dave F

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