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>> Maybe :), but he has a couple things I agree with, RH/Fedora is losing 
>> ground on desktop share, because people want things to just work, like as 
>> simple as playing a bloody mp3, which they can do with every other distro
>> out there. like it or not, its here and here to stay.

Bruno Wolff III:
> If everyone has that attidude, things are likely to stay that way. I'd much
> rather see people pushing Ogg and including links to download players and
> plugins similar to the ones for Adobe's products, than try to get (nonfree)
> licensed copies into all of the base distributions.

I'd like that, too.  But it's hamstrung by a few factors:

People with personal/portable playback hardware, that they want to keep,
that won't play ogg.  So they'll get all their music in one format that
works on everything that they have.

Publishers not wanting to supply files without DRM.  And, no, I don't
want ogg to support that crap.

Most of the files they want to play, probably illegal downloads, being
MP3.  Heck, just jump on a peer-to-peer network and try to find any ogg
files, just using ogg as your keywords, and you'll usually only see a
few turn up.

>> Try converting winblows users to Fedora, but saying, oh but you cant play 
>> mp3's out of the can, but youll have to go toa unofficial 
>> RH/Fedora repo and try install it, or do like I do and erase the players 
>> RH bastardises, and grab the source and install it, now say that to a 
>> newbie and you've lost em!  First impression are ever lasting in this 
>> game.

> You are talking about the same idoits that will download any old crap off
> the net and repeatedly get their machines trojaned. I don't see how downloading
> media codecs from third party web sites are going to scare them off.

That's a fair point, but then such users seem to be stupid on a number
of fronts.

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 important to the thread.)

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