Re: Problem accessing some https sites

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On Wednesday 31 January 2007 14:50, Jacques B. wrote:
> > I'm going to re-boot into my SuSE partition and see how it behaves from
> > there.
> >
> > I'll post an update.
> Well I'm in SuSe now (default 10.1 install) and it works fine.  So
> there is something wrong with settings over on my FC6 partition.
> Other than iptable and the GUI firewall settings, is there anything I
> can shut down to test for the problem?  Do the settings of Firefox
> carry over to Konqueror (I can't imagine)?  If not, then I should have
> been able to access the site from Konqueror had FF been the culprit.
> Surfing to other locations do not appear to be a problem at all.  Just
> navigating to certain https sites, and doing a whois.
How about giving us the bank's url?  At least we could see whether it's a 
general problem in FC or just a config problem that needs sorting.


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