Re: Problem accessing some https sites

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> The usual suspects are javascript, flash, activeX.  I'd start by checking
> javascript settings.  Oh yes, and some such sites need popups available.
One more thing I've remembered.  I used to have Mozilla set to only display
graphics from the originating site, and I saw something similar to what you
describe.  Banks, and many others, sometimes use external urls to deliver the
graphics, so that setting had to be changed.  What I did was to allow all
graphics, load the site, note where the graphics loaded from, then make an
exception rule for that site before switching back to the original setting.



Thanks Anne,

I had the bank URL in trusted sites, but added their other domains as
well just in case.  Javascript is enabled, and I haven't done anything
to prohibit graphics from loading so I don't think that is the
problem.  And I don't imagine it's ActiveX because it works fine from

I'm going to re-boot into my SuSE partition and see how it behaves from there.

I'll post an update.



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