Re: Problem accessing some https sites

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On 1/31/07, Jacques B. <[email protected]> wrote:
> What's the actual error message?  It could be a name resolution issue,
> if one thing works and others don't.
I ran Wireshark and compared the output of my Windows box vs Linux box
connecting to the online banking site.  In both cases I see the Client
side Hello, Server side Hello, Certificate, and Key exchange,
encrypted handshake, etc.  All seems to work pretty much the same on
both sides (remembering that both are connected to a hub so I was able
to do all my sniffing from the same environment - my Linux box).  But
the Linux side just hangs with "Loading..." and "Waiting for".

Makes me wonder if it's a browser setting...

So I try Konqueror - same thing. The status bar at the bottom has
"Retrieving 26.8 KB from" and nothing else.  Also


Jacques B.

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