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At 10:07 PM +0000 12/12/06, Steve Searle wrote:
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>Around 09:42pm on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 (UK time), Mike McCarty scrawled:
>> But, since there is no file, there is no EOF. Using dd
>> lets you control how much data you pull. The other techniques
>> don't do that.
>Is there any way you can tell how big the file is on the CD, so you can
>pull just the right amount of data.  Or do you need to remember how big
>it was from when you wrote it to CD?

When I write a CD / DVD without using a filesystem, I'm either writing a
tar file or a dump.  When I read it back, tar or restore know what to do.
For other types of files, you might need to keep track of the length.
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