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Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Why are the DVDs so small?
At the moment, because Fedora Extras packages don't appear in any formal
ISOs -- the ISOs are the size of Core binaries (compressed), and that's
how big Core is. But it's also because most people install few packages
from Extras (so the majority of a download would be wasted), and because
the mirrors, at least, are concerned about bandwidth.

Not everyone can use BitTorrent -- it's important that Fedora is made
available in other ways (e.g. through mirrors), and many people have
monthly download limits.

> It would be possible to put almost everything in 8.5GB, and use two
> DVDs for people who want to burn their own but lack a modern burner.
> Virtually every recent DVD reader will do double-sided 8.5GB, you need
> it for movies :-(

That does imply tht you're using write-once DVDs for what may well be a
read-once operation. Double-layer rewritable DVDs are not (yet?)


[1] Well, twice if you count the media check...

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