Re: How does FC run on Dell Insiration?

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[email protected] wrote:
> My kids' cameras use SD cards.

Camera cards have been my main test and use for the reader in my
laptop as well.  With the 2.6.17 kernel update in FC5 the sdhci module
was included as part of the upstream kernel.  I found that I needed to
load the mmc_block module in order to have the card be detected and
have hal automount it.  A subsequent hal update ( broke the
automounting and I ended up reverting hal to get it working rather
than try to shoehorn a newer hal there.  In FC6, it's worked out of
the box.

>> The Intel 3945 card works great with Network Manager here,
>> connecting to a WPA2 Personal AP.
> Cool, I'll have to try it again.

Best of luck.  Hopefully there will be one less thing you can say
doesn't work. :-)

> That was a recent test.  I have the ICH audio (the cheap one), which
> has multi-purpose jacks, I'm guessing alsa doesn't know how to
> configure the jacks right.

I have an ICH audio chip as well.  I have read more than a few reports
of the mic not working so I wouldn't doubt that I might have issues
were I to try using it.

> I haven't tried it with FC6 yet.  With FC5, it just couldn't connect
> to my router, either encrypted or open.

Updated ieee80211 drivers *may* help there.  For a while now I've been
using the ipw3945 driver from ATrpms (thanks Axel!).  The driver
requires, and ATrpms provides, an updated ieee80211 stack and it has
proven more stable for me.  I recently built the ipw3945 driver from
source as I used to do with FC4 and early FC5 and I had problems with
the network dropping out randomly while I was putting heavy load on
the network.  I had this problem in FC5 before using the ATrpms
drivers and I switched to using the standard network service instead
of NetworkManager and the dropouts were far fewer.  I thought the
problem was just NetworkManager bugs but now at least I know that even
with NetworkManager the network is solid using an up to date ieee80211
as well as ipw3945 driver.

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