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On Sun, 19 Nov 2006 17:34:19 -0700
"Stuart" <[email protected]> wrote:

> "Max Pyziur" wrote:
> > Much thanks to all for the recommendations.  Looks as though rsync wins 
> > hands down, feet up.
> I am also thinking about a backup stratagy for my home
> network, but am concerned about a rsync-only stratagy.
> If my house burns down, it will take the rsync disk
> with it.  
> So I am thinking about writing critical stuff to dvd 
> periodically but I have read conflicting comments about
> the longevity of writable dvd's.
> Any comments?

If you don't store the DVDs off site, they'll burn up too :-).

I've got some pretty old CDRs and DVDRs that were readable the
last time I had any reason to use 'em (heck, I had some 20 - 25
year old floppies I was able to read OK when I decided to copy them
all to CDR a few years ago).

For really critical stuff there are always the online filesystem
folks who let you do backups to their servers over the internet
(but I'd definitely apply strong encryption to any files I was
was gonna send them no matter how much they claim they protect
your security).

Or you could just keep your USB drive in a firesafe except when
doing backups.

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