Re: ASUS P5B and FC 6 Install

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On 11/16/06, Timothy Murphy <[email protected]> wrote:
I had a somewhat similar problem
(on an entirely different machine)
and my solution was to do an absolutely minimal install in text mode,
and then run "yum update" and "yum groupinstall"
with the various groups given by "yum grouplist".

One of the updates was a new kernel,
and I suspect this might have worked better than
the one that came with FC-6.

On the problem with ethernet - why not put in another ethernet card
until it is sorted? They are very cheap now.
Thanks, Timothy.  Good ideas--I'll give them a whirl.


P.S.  I'm a long-time linux user (10+ years, started with Yggdrasil),
and I usually badmouth Windoze, but I must say my first impressions of
Vista are very good.

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