ASUS P5B and FC 6 Install

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I am having problems installing FC 6 on my new ASUS P5B mobo (w/
low-end Intel Core 2 Duo) with a SATA drive, an IDE DVD-ROM drive, and
an nVidia graphics card.

I have flashed with the latest ASUS BIOS update.

I have finally gotten to the X setup part and then get an X server
failure and I'm out of action.

One of the other problems is my ethernet is onboard and it takes a
special ASUS driver to access it, so I don't have net contact for
updates or help.

1.  Does anyone have any pointers to similar hardware problems and solutions?

2.  And can anyone point me to instructions on how to build one's own
FC 6 installation disks with updated rpms?



Tom Browder
Niceville, Florida

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