Re: /dev/ttySx problems... solved

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At 2:54 PM +1030 11/12/06, Tim wrote:
>On Sat, 2006-11-11 at 08:38 -0700, David G. Miller wrote:
>> The only problem with info based documentation is info.
>Yes, I could go along with that.  Probably even worse than lynx.
>> Try pinfo instead.  Much nicer UI.
>Tried that before, about the only difference I could see was
>colourisation of the output.  It was still a bastard to navigate

"Me too!".  I'd like to see some substantive description of the benefits of
using pinfo, to find out if they outweigh the horrible illegibility of
pinfo's display.  Probably all I'll get is more of "Pinfo's display is
perfectly legible.  What's wrong with you?"

The essential info commands are pressing spacebar or page down to go down,
pressing page up to go up, pressing return when the insertion point is in a
link to go elsewhere, pressing l (ell) to go back, and pressing q to quit.
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