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On Wed, 2006-11-08 at 14:02 +1030, Tim wrote:
> Tim: 
> >> One thing I think that either camp could do better is the naming of
> >> things in the menus. ....  It'd be far more user-friendly to list
> >> things like "Gedit text editor," or "Gaim instant messenger," and
> >> so on. 
> Ric Moore: 
> > Ah, but you can... it's a choice in the system config thingie (Control
> > Center). You can display the description, the application name or both.
> > So you could have; "Gaim" or "Instant Messenger" or "Gaim Instant
> > Messenger" or "Instant Messenger Gaim". Depends on which toggle you
> > select. 
> I know, but it's a pain to have to customise things, that way.  More so
> if you had to do it for multiple machines or users.  And your changes
> can get undone with an update.
> The current scheme isn't user-friendly.  The menu items, as they are,
> aren't too brilliant.  Nor is, having to hover around and wait for extra
> details isn't user-friendly, and it doesn't work with all items.  Some
> don't have the additional information, or the pop-up is just as vague as
> the menu item.
I agree with you 100%. You can adjust the hover time and tweak this and
that. Yes, it would be better if all of the applications added
themselves in some coherent form from the get-go. Human engineering vs
machine engineering. Things are improving though, from what we had back
when. Some things are not, but I think they will. :) Ric

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