Does pirut and yuum really work in FC6

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On Sun, 2006-11-05 at 10:31 -0600, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> Pirut or yum wont remove packages on its own. If you try and remove
> any 
> > packages through Pirut or yum, it lists the dependencies and you
> will 
> > have to confirm before any package gets removed from the system. I
> am 
> > curious to know why you find it unusable in this instance.
> > 
> > Rahul
> The above is simply not true. The package was removed without my
> confirming the removal.
> Unless unclicking a line of additional software in pirut means you
> want
> it removed which is just plain crazy. Again I will start again and we
> will see what happens. 

Let me add the the above. It has been suggested that my yum did not work
because I upgraded rather than installed. I am re-installing to settle
this but I remember clearly that I formatted th drives during the
previous install so it could not have been an upgrade. The fc5 Rpms that
showed up must have been introduced by yum, pirut or the system upgrade
messages I keep getting.

My contention is still that one of these programs is screwing this up
but we will see. If no one else finds this happening to them I will have
to concede that I am  wrong. We will see.
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