Re: trouble booting FC5. Please help!

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Tony Nelson wrote:
> At 7:25 PM -0400 7/20/06, Jim Cornette wrote:
>> It is probably possible to boot both installations from the same boot
>> partition and let the root filesystem be referenced to match the
>> particular installation. I think it would be a mess during updates to
>> the kernel though.
> I do that and have no trouble (FC3 on LogVol00, FC5 on LogVol02).  OK, the
> FC5 installer did remove all my other kernels, but I'd made a backup so it
> was easily fixed.  Yum updates don't seem to have any problem.
 In your setup, do FC3 and FC5 share any kernels, or do they have
different kernels and initrd images? If it is the later, then I
would not expect problems. I am not sure, but I would expect
problems if you tried to use the same initrd image with 2 different
LVM groups. Maybe you could try booting FC3 using a FC5 kernel, but
changing the LVM group in Grub, and see what group gets used during


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