Re: trouble booting FC5. Please help!

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Jim Cornette wrote:
> Jacob Henke wrote:
>> Okay, I had installed FC5 on my harddrive using pretty much the
>> default options, then (much later) I put in a second hard-drive and
>> decided to install Windows I deleted the First small petition on the
>> first hard drive and everything else on the second and installed
>> Windows. [For some reason it didn't work, so I gave up on windows.]
>> Thats when I realized I couldn't boot Fedora anymore. I tried
>> searching for a way to reinstall GRUB (such as the rescue disk and so
>> forth) eventually I just reinstalled Fedora Core 5 on the second Hard
>> Disk. Now I have GRUB back but it only boots the second FC5
>> instilation. What I need is to be able to boot the First instillation
>> on the First Hard Disk. 
> The best way is to use the rescue CD and it should give you a choice as
> to which installation to boot, if it sees both installations.
> What you want to do so your system is easily manageable is to install
> one grub installation to the partition that has your /boot partition on.
> You can do this by booting into the system, choosing the appropriate
> version, chroot /mnt sysimage and then running grub-install for say
> /dev/hdb1 for grub to install into your second installations partition.
> grub-install /dev/hdb1 for example with your secondary drive
> installation selected.
> To get your first installation back, select it as a choice from the menu
> the rescue CD should detect. (or first install disc using linux rescue)
> Once initiated, running chroot /mnt/sysimage and finally running:
> grub-install /dev/hda to install onto the MBR. You next need to add a
> chainloader entry into grub to chainload the second drive installation
> where the grub primary stage is installed into the /boot partition.
> The later stages of grub are under /boot/grub. Running grub-install
> should set things up correctly for you.
> Easier done than said,
> Jim
I do not think this will work, because when the op deleted the /boot
partition, the installed kernels and everything except the first
stage Grub loader were deleted. The kernel(s) and the rest of Grub
can probably be copied from the second install, but the
init-<version>.img will have to be rebuilt to use the proper volume
group. Then the grub.conf file will have to be edited to change
VolGroup01 to VolGroup01. Then doing a grub-install would work. But
it would also stop the second installation from booting. You would
ether have to change where the first stage gets installed, and the
add a chainload entry in the Grubconf on the second drive. Or modify
the Grub install on the second FC5 installation, and chainload from
the frist install.


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