Re: trouble booting FC5. Please help!

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Tony Nelson wrote:
At 7:25 PM -0400 7/20/06, Jim Cornette wrote:

It is probably possible to boot both installations from the same boot
partition and let the root filesystem be referenced to match the
particular installation. I think it would be a mess during updates to
the kernel though.
I do that and have no trouble (FC3 on LogVol00, FC5 on LogVol02).  OK, the
FC5 installer did remove all my other kernels, but I'd made a backup so it
was easily fixed.  Yum updates don't seem to have any problem.
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Thanks for pointing out that it is possible to use the same boot partition between installs. I take it that when kernel rpms are removed from one installation, they only remove the entry related to the same version kernel. Additionally, the rpm database from each install only sees the kernels related to the installation and just carry on as if the entries were not in the grub files. Thinking about it, once you mentioned the possibility, dual installations, using one /boot partition might not be that bad of an arrangement. I assumed the programs were "higher level intelligence" and assumed the program was more aware. I have to stop giving programs too much human awareness and think in bytes or read the source code. :-)
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